Meet our Volunteer: Amy

Our volunteers are invaluable to helping us accomplish our mission. It’s their dedication and passion that helps our program, and our Scholars, succeed! Today, we want to introduce Amy Alvarez, one of our amazing volunteers who hosts a Horizon Event that focuses on etiquette. She covers table manners, dress codes, and the importance of expressing gratitude and decorum in different social situations. It’s always a fun and lively event that provides important and practical takeaways for the students.

How did you learn about Elevation Scholars?

I have been personal friends with Scott and Amy Lee for over 15 years. Scott introduced me to the program and I’ve been volunteering since 2017. I have always had a heart for philanthropy and it’s been an exciting opportunity to watch the program grow and to be able to support it in this interactive capacity. 

Why do you support the organization?

Each year, I am impressed with the Scholars and their untapped potential, which inspires me to want to support each of them on their journey to college, their careers, and their futures. The talents of each of the scholars always leaves me slightly starstruck, so being a small part of their journey gives me great joy.

Why is the work of Elevation Scholars so important?

The Scholars have all the potential, so the extra support given by the program only heightens that and opens new possibilities. The chance to prepare for college, be counseled, apply to college, and leave for a new adventure might not have been possible without the program’s guidance and assistance. Who knows, one of the Elevation Scholars could discover a cure for cancer, become President, or earn a Nobel Peace Prize. 

What makes Elevation Scholars different?

The mission is simple and the results speak volumes that the program works. The Scholars have massive accomplishments and the program allows them to launch to the next level. I don’t know of a program for these high achievers that would offer the same experiences, guidance, and direction. The feedback from the Scholars has always been positive and they are grateful for the knowledge that they can put to use immediately.

If you could use one word to describe Elevation Scholars, what would it be?


We’re blessed to have volunteers like Amy who truly believe in our mission and go the extra mile to make a difference in these talented students’ lives! To learn more about how you can become a volunteer, please contact Scott Lee at

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