Partnering with School Counselors for Student Success

Last year, we were fortunate to add Edgewater High School as another partner school, and proud that they currently have six students in our program! It takes a team to support our Scholars, and that’s why we’re so fortunate to work closely with our school counselors. Learn more about how we work together to guide our students through the admissions process. 

Meet Shamoyia Hadley, who serves as a counselor at Edgewater:

What stands out about the Elevation Scholars process?
The Scholars team provides additional support that makes the college admissions process a lot more feasible; and they don’t just ship you off to college. They ensure students are successful through college and even help them through the different environments and cultures they may endure, such as Ivy League schools and larger universities.

It may be challenging for a child to feel like they fit in, but Elevation Scholars help push our students to grow. Their continuous support encourages our students to become the voice of change at their universities. 

Why is their work so important?
The support system given to our students impacts our lower-income and minority students the most. As a counselor, I have a large load of students, and while we speak with students one-on-one, the Scholars team places students in cohorts with other like-minded individuals. It gives students the opportunity to explore something they’ve never experienced before.

What makes Elevation Scholars different?

The thing that strikes me most about them is their willingness to collaborate with other organizations in addition to their own initiatives. Whether it’s FAFSA applications or another initiative, they are always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to the future success of our students.

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