Scholars Spotlight: Meet Scholar Maria

In this month’s Scholars Spotlight, we caught up with future attorney Maria to learn more about her academic experience and the pivotal life lesson she learned through her time as an Elevation Scholar. 

Scholars: How has being an Elevation Scholar impacted your life so far?

Maria: Elevation Scholars has made me realize the reality of achieving higher education. Through Elevation Scholars’ guidance and support, I was able to make it to my senior year of college at Franklin & Marshall!

Scholars: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself through your Elevation Scholars journey?

Maria: Throughout my time in high school, I dedicated myself to my education and relied on my academic achievements as a source of self-worth. In Elevation, I learned that I was more than just a grade on a report card; I was a person that had equally as much to contribute as any person at my institution. My experiences, my voice, and my passions are what make me valuable.

Scholars: What impact do you hope to make on your family and/or community through your involvement with Elevation Scholars?

Maria: I hope to use my education as a way to serve my community. I aspire to be a lawyer and my vision is to have enough funds to provide pro-bono services to the immigrant community of New York City. I want to legally represent the same people who have supported me throughout my life.

Scholars: What or who keeps you motivated during life’s most difficult times?

Maria: My mother. All she has done for me throughout my life pushes me to achieve more for her. I want to buy my mom a house. I want my mom to not worry about her financial situation. I want to provide my mom the life she has always wanted in America, because she deserves it.

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