Scholars Spotlight: Meet Gwendolyn

In this month’s Scholars Spotlight, we caught up with future attorney Gwendolyn to learn more about her experience with Elevation Scholars and her passion to advocate for others.

Scholars: How has being an Elevation Scholar impacted your life so far?

Gwendolyn: Elevation Scholars has been an extra support system during my transition to higher education and I am grateful to have a community to rely on. This program gives me the privilege to discover how I can make my mark in this world without financial stress. I am extremely appreciative of the connections they have helped me make as well as the camaraderie I have with other scholars.

Scholars: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself through your Elevation Scholars journey?

Gwendolyn: I’ve discovered that the bravest thing one can do is ask for help. Being vulnerable enough to admit you need extra support and trusting others to assist you can be difficult; however, Elevation Scholars has created an environment where I feel comfortable enough to do so. This has made me want to become someone who extends a hand to others brave enough to reach out for help.

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Scholars: What impact do you hope to make on your family and/or community through your involvement with Elevation Scholars?

Gwendolyn: I want to become a lawyer so I can represent individuals who tend to get cast aside in our complex justice system solely based on their identity. To me, it is the worst to feel helpless due to societal constraints and I hope I can prevent others from feeling this way by providing legal support.

Scholars: What or who keeps you motivated during life’s most difficult times?

Gwendolyn: Other than the obvious answer (my mom), I ground myself by thinking how inconsequential my problems are in the long run. For instance, I tend to go into a spiral where I believe a bad grade in a French course will lead to my career’s untimely demise. After a few seconds of panicking, I take a deep breath and remind myself that my mistakes don’t define me and as long as I keep focusing on my self improvement I will succeed.

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