Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew and Lauren Prather

The impact of Elevation Scholars would not be possible without the community leaders who give of their time and talents to help advance our mission.

Andrew and Lauren Prather have volunteered with Elevation Scholars for three years. They learned about the program through their involvement with Elevation Financial Group. We caught up with the Prathers for this month’s volunteer spotlight.

Scholars: What initially compelled you to volunteer with Scholars?

Andrew and Lauren: We were very impressed with the early success of the Scholars program and its unique approach to helping students. This program is not a handout. They educate, prepare, and help these students apply to top universities, get the scholarships they need, and then continue to support them through all four years of college to ensure their success.

Scholars: Why does contributing to the mission of supporting high-achieving, high-need college-bound students matter to you? 

Andrew and Lauren: Having high school-age children of our own, we realize the difficulty in navigating the college preparation/application process. This is a daunting task for even the most educated and motivated students. It became obvious to us that many students could easily be overwhelmed by not only the application process but by the challenges of maintaining college success through graduation.

Scholars: What is your hope for the future of the Scholars program? Where would you like to see the program 10 years from now?

Andrew and Lauren: We are hopeful that this program continues to grow and reach out to more and more Central Florida high schools as so many bright students are in need of this support. In 10 years, our community will achieve greater growth and prosperity as these amazing students graduate college and return home to become successful Central Florida leaders. Each student’s success will continue to inspire generations to come.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Elevation Scholars, contact us here.

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