The Haddock Foundation: A Legacy of Advocacy and Empowerment

Our work in the community is only possible with the generosity and dedication of our partners and supporters. Reflecting on the past year, we are grateful for organizations like The Edward E. Haddock, Jr. Family Foundation.

In a candid conversation with Ted Haddock, advocacy, empowerment, and a strong legacy of standing for what is right shine through. Ted traces his lineage to remarkable individuals whose actions spoke volumes about their commitment to justice and equality.

Ted Haddock’s grandfather, Dr. Edward E. Haddock, was a man whose life was a testament to overcoming adversity and creating opportunities in times of hardship. Born into challenging circumstances during the Depression, his story embodies resilience and the power of a helping hand.

“Granddad found a different way and passed those values forward,” Ted reflects. He recounts how his grandfather’s life trajectory changed drastically when a local pastor recognized his potential and offered him a scholarship to attend a private high school. That pivotal opportunity transformed not only his life but the lives of future generations.

The spirit of paying it forward echoes loudly in the Haddock family legacy. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Ted embarked on a journey to honor his family’s legacy by continuing the tradition of supporting education and equity. “Let’s just put up a scholarship in his name,” he proposed, seeking to emulate his grandfather’s impactful gesture of providing opportunities.

This sentiment led The Edward E. Haddock, Jr. Family Foundation to partner with Elevation Scholars, a decision grounded in shared values and a commitment to nurturing future leaders. Through this partnership, the foundation aims to contribute to racial equity and the advancement of educational opportunities for deserving students.

Ted’s vision for the future is crystal clear. He envisions a world where inclusivity and equity are not just aspirations but concrete realities. “We need all the best minds working on this,” he emphasizes, highlighting the necessity for a united front against humanity’s challenges.

As Ted paints a picture of hope for the future, he underscores the pivotal role of education in shaping a more equitable society. He believes fostering an inclusive environment in higher education is a cornerstone in addressing societal challenges.

The Haddock family’s commitment to Elevation Scholars underscores their dedication to advancing vital relationships between people and the planet, resonating deeply with the mission of creating a more just and equitable society.

In honoring their family’s legacy, The Edward E. Haddock, Jr. Family Foundation is committed to championing a future where equity and education intersect, leading the way toward a brighter tomorrow.

Intertwined with a family legacy of advocacy and empowerment, the Haddock story serves as an inspiration—a reminder that even the smallest gesture can pave the way for transformative change.

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