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Meet Jodi: Volunteer Appreciation

Our volunteers work tirelessly to help our program and our Scholars thrive! We talked recently with Jodi Thorp, who has been volunteering with us for five years, about her experience as part of the Elevation Scholars team. She performs a variety of tasks, but mainly serves as one of the interviewers in the Elevation Scholar selection process. Her favorite part of her work is “getting to know the students and their families on a more personal level.” 

How did you learn about Elevation Scholars?

I learned of Elevation Scholars from the program’s President, Scott Lee.

Why do you support the organization?

I love the mission of supporting these academically gifted children who come from economically challenged families. Encouraging them and helping bring awareness of the opportunities in front of them even if they do not get accepted as an Elevation Scholar is the most rewarding part. 

Why is the work of Elevation Scholars so important?

It gives academically gifted kids an awareness of the incredible educational opportunities that are available to them and provides the wrap-around support to ensure success on several levels. It is life-changing and supports our community in long-term ways.

What makes Elevation Scholars different?

I know of no other program that provides this type of effective support to enable high-achieving, high-need students to obtain a college degree.

If you could use one word to describe Elevation Scholars, what would it be?


Without the work and dedication of volunteers like Jodi, Elevation Scholars couldn’t exist. We thank her and all the others who donate their time and knowledge to change the lives of students who need it most!

To learn more about how you can become a volunteer, please contact Scott Lee at slee@theelevationscholars.org.

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