Educating the Whole Student

We are so thankful to Dr. Hatch, former president of Wake Forest University, for taking the time to chat with us last week about the institution’s long-time partnership with Elevation Scholars, and their commitment to providing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. In the words of Dr. Hatch, what makes the university stand out amongst most is its “radically traditional and radically innovative” approach to education.

One of the many programs our students who have gone on to Wake can take advantage of is the Magnolia Scholars Program, which enrolls about 30 first-generation students each year. The program provides workshops, events, advising and mentoring so Scholars can become comfortable in their new academic home, while taking advantage of all the opportunities the university has to offer. 

Since starting the Elevation Scholars program, we’re proud to have a number of students attend Wake Forest University, including one student who is currently studying abroad in Paris.

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