Scholar Spotlight: Meet Rasheed

Rasheed is a Class 5 Scholar who has graduated from Florida State University. He recently moved to Chicago to pursue an account management role with Uber Eats! 

We are so excited for Rasheed and are thankful for the opportunity to have caught up with him before his big move. 

Scholars: How has being an Elevation Scholar impacted your life so far?

Rasheed: Through this process, I’ve learned so much about myself and my work ethic. More importantly, I’ve learned what I prioritize as a first-generation college student. I am building upon the hard work of generations before me while forging a new path for those after me. Elevation Scholars has been instrumental in my life so far. 

Scholars: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself through your Elevation Scholars journey?

Rasheed: I’ve definitely learned resilience. After graduation, as I was preparing for my first interview with a major company, I contacted Elevation for support and guidance through the interview process. I got through to the final round of interviews but ultimately did not receive an offer. Initially, I was disheartened. Elevation stayed connected with me and helped me reset to find other opportunities that aligned with my professional aspirations. I learned resilience through this experience and the importance of having a network like Elevation. 

Scholars: What impact do you hope to make on your family and/or community through your involvement with Elevation Scholars? 

Rasheed: My hope for the Elevation Scholars program is to give back. I look forward to giving back and sharing my experience with future Scholars. I hope that more students can take advantage of the program. Even when I have children – I’m confident that the Scholars program will still impact the lives of future generations. 

Scholars: What or who keeps you motivated during life’s most difficult times? 

Rasheed: As the son of immigrants, I am continually motivated by my parents, two younger siblings, and cousins. I was taught the importance of education from a very young age. There were so many sacrifices made for me to have these opportunities. Every long night and hard day has been worth it. By reaching success, it shows that every sacrifice my parents and grandparents made was worth it. Family is everything and is a key source of motivation for me. 

Scholars: What advice would you give to another young person facing uncertainty about their future?

Rasheed: Trust the course. Trust that everything you’re going through will only be used to make your foundation stronger. Also, trust your gut. Any uncertainty that you do feel isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Welcome uncertainty, use it as fuel, and always have faith in yourself.  

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