Scholar Maximizes Summer Internship

As students prepare for the back-to-school season, we caught up with our Scholars as they reflected on impactful summer internships.

Carl Pierre is a civil engineering major at Duke University who aspires to pursue real estate development after graduation. He served as an intern with Foundry Commercial in the summer of 2023.

Scholars: What was a time that you felt proud during your internship so far?
Carl: A time that I felt proud during my internship was when I was tasked with extracting and aggregating important data about a client in preparation for a meeting. That data ended up being a key component of what sparked the partnership between Foundry and the client.

Scholars: How would you define the company culture at Foundry?
Carl: The culture is extremely welcoming and friendly; on my first day, everyone on the brokerage side of the business halted what they were doing and took time to introduce themselves to me because I was an unfamiliar face. Throughout my internship, that fact remained true. Everyone was open to answering my questions despite their busy schedules.

Scholars: What has been the most challenging part of your internship so far?
Carl: The most challenging part of my internship was the learning curve of using Microsoft Excel and Power BI. However, Zane and everyone else on the team was really understanding of that fact and patient when it came to teaching me useful tips and tricks for both applications. 

Scholars: How do you foresee applying the skills from your Foundry internship in your future career? 
Carl: The technical skills I’ve learned from Microsoft Excel and Power BI will prove to be extremely useful throughout any career that I pursue. The strategic thinking and problem-solving skills I learned by tackling a wide range of unique problems will also be valuable in my future career.

Thank you to our new corporate sponsor, Foundry Commercial, for providing a rewarding internship opportunity to our Scholars.

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